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Wishes And Stars

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No, you’re not listening to a long-lost Simon & Garfunkel single…this is Paul Simon’s son, Harper Simon, and if not for me clearing out some of the stuff taking up space on my DVR last night, I would probably have never heard this. It played as the credits rolled on the first episode of the new HBO series, ‘Girls’, and if you’ve seen the show (and you’re like me) then you probably can’t imagine a more perfect song to encapsulate the characters and themes…

Everyone seems so certain
Everyone knows who they are
Everyone’s got a mother and a father
They all seem so sure they’re going far
They all got more friends than they can use
Except me ‘cause I’m a fool…

The show, by the way, is excellent! Writer/Director/Creator/Voice-of-her-Generation Lena Dunham’s super-smart look at four twenty-something girls trying to make their way in the World is peppered with dialogue that flows like a hipster mash-up of a David Mamet play and a Whit Stillman movie. And is it coincidence or by clever design that Mamet’s daughter Zosia plays one of Dunham’s girlfriends and Stillman regular Chris Eigeman plays her boss? I dunno…just watch it!

But back to the song…which was chosen by the show’s music director Michael Penn…it’s off of Simon’s self-titled debut that features some serious bold-faced indie friends…Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart, Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto, Sean Lennon, Joan (As Police Woman) Wasser and the amazing violinist Petra Haden. Oh yeah, he also called upon Steve Nieve whose day job is Elvis Costello’s keyboardist in the Attractions, percussion superstar Steve Gadd and of course, his Dad. Finally, if all that talent wasn’t enough, he got Tom Rothrock to twiddle the knobs and mix the final product. How he Hell did I miss this album when it was released?!!

So your assignment is to watch ‘Girls’ on Sunday nights and check out more of Harper Simon at his website!

Song of the Day


Love Has Left The Room

DOWNLOAD: Love Has Left The Room

Back in 2001, Nina Persson of The Cardigans and Nicolas Frisk of Atomic Swing collaborated on a little side project called A Camp. They kicked out a really cool album, but unless you were already a card-carrying Cardigans fan, it went pretty much unnoticed, so when I heard they were doing a second go-round, I had to check it out. Unlike the folky vibe of the earlier release, Colonia has a retro-60’s, wonderfully melodramatic, Petulla Clark-backed-by-the-London-Philharmonic thing goin’ on! The album was produced by Persson’s husband, Nathan Larson (soundtrack composer, formerly of Shudder To Think), and had some pretty impressive studio help with Guided By Voices drummer Kevin March, Joan Wasser (aka Joan As Police Woman), Swedish singer-songwriter Nikolai Dunger and former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha all pitching in. The result is a collection of theatrical, lush, well crafted songs that showcase Persson’s distinctive vocals. Check out more of A Camp on MySpace or on the A Camp website