Joe Duran In A Walnut-Paneled Room For InvestmentNews

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Joe Duran is the CEO of United Capital and we met up with him in a sumptuous, expensive looking, walnut-paneled room at the University Club in Midtown Manhattan for a cover shoot for InvestmentNews.

Here we go…..

Lotsa wood paneled walls…

But we had a specific look in mind, and that meant we were gonna drop some seamless…here’s Matt, looking pensive…

Lighting was pretty simple…a gridded 3′ Profoto RFI main light filled with a soft ring light.

When Joe arrived, he tried his best to emulate Matt’s serious look…

…but there was something about his smile that worked better…

On the opposite side of the room, we had dropped a grey seamless…

Obviously, I white-balanced my setup in Capture One rather cool…around 4350 Kelvin…to shift the grey tones from neutral to blue. I did that to better match Joe’s blue suit. The whole thing was lit by a single 47″ Rime Lite Grand Box with only a 7′ pop-up reflector on the right side for fill and I shot everything using a 50mm on the Hasselblad for a bit of wide angle distortion…

Here’s how it looks in this week’s InvestmentNews

Ricky Gervais & Kermit’s Evil Twin for the London Sunday Times Magazine

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

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Ricky Gervais. In New York. For the London Sunday Times Magazine. And it was one of the most fun shoots of my entire career.

Adam Hearn is the photo editor of the London Sunday Times Culture Magazine and some of the other folks I work for at the Times recommended he give me a call next time he had a shoot on this side of the Atlantic. I am so happy he did, cuz not only am I a BIG fan of Ricky, but I had just lost out on a shoot with him for another client only a week before Adam called. The story was tied to his new film, “Muppets Most Wanted”, and would feature the other star of the movie, Constantine the Frog, the world’s “Number One” criminal and a doppelgƤnger of Kermit the Frog. Adam kept it fairly open-ended as to what we could doā€¦he just needed fun interaction between Ricky and Constantine for the cover and left the rest up to me. With that in mind, I went on a mad tear of proppingā€¦


ā€¦dragged my crew down to Industria on a Saturday morning and let Mr. Gervais and Mr. Frog do all the heavy lifting. Here’s how it wentā€¦

Ricky and I talk to Matt Vogel…the Muppeteer behind Constantineā€¦about a few ideasā€¦


ā€¦and even before we start, the fun beginsā€¦


Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of how you photograph a Man and his Muppetā€¦




One of the best things about the whole day was having Ricky’s input as we went along. He came up with so many great ideas of what would look good, that I just had to keep my finger on the shutter and wait for things to happen!


Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

Then Ricky suggested they each pose with sunglassesā€¦

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

ā€¦and our cover was in the bag!


After a quick background & wardrobe change, the two A-Listers were suddenly at each others throatsā€¦

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

ā€¦but a left-cross from the Frog ended that argumentā€¦

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

ā€¦and gave us the opener to the story!


I also wanted to to shoot Ricky, sans Frog, but had picked up a few Froggy bits and pieces to stick with the theme, including a t-shirt with strategically-placed eyeballsā€¦

Ricky Gervais

ā€¦and a very special pair of Kermit Adidas that Ricky put to good useā€¦

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet


Finally, I wanted to cool things down a bit, so I had Ricky get into his trademark blackā€¦and accessorized him with some very blingy fuzzy Frog Slippersā€¦

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

Ricky Gervais

Then we both kicked back and enjoyed a Green Drinkā€¦

Ricky Gervais & Constantine the Muppet

And yesā€¦that is a Karl Pilkington t-shirt. I told you I was a big fan!