Song of the Day


DOWNLOAD: Isolation

There hasn’t been nearly enough good, brooding Electro-Pop on the list of late, but when the latest from Cruel Black Dove fell into my lap a few minutes ago I figured it must be a sign from above. ‘Isolation’ has a very Depeche Mode-y feel to it, especially with that sharp, clicky synth and thick bassline that chugs along throughout the entire song, and lead singer Anastasia Dimou’s slinky, sexy vocal gives a soul to what otherwise would be a cold affair. ‘Isolation’ is off of the band’s brand-spankin’ new album, The Myth And The Sum, and if you like it, give ’em a look on their MySpace page and then head over to their website where they have lotsa free downloads to check out. And for you New Yorkers looking for an excuse to get up off of the damned couch, they’re playing the Mercury Lounge tonight at 9:30!

Song of the Day


Half Of The Time

DOWNLOAD: Half Of The Time

As soon as I heard Scott Levesque chant “…Half of the time I feel I’m clever and half of the time I just haven’t a clue…” I was on board…what a great, honest lyric! The pride of Taunton Mass. have just completed their latest album, White Ink, Black Ink, due out next month…and I see from their MySpace page, they’ll be playing the Mercury Lounge June 27th…I just might hafta venture downtown to check ’em out! If you like what you hear, head on over to their very cool website…lotsa buttons to push (and more songs you can stream, too).