Mola Likes Damn Ugly…

The guys over at Mola Soft Lights just noticed that I used a Demi to shoot Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren a while back, ‘cuz they just wrote about it on their blog…check it out HERE!

Mola Likes Damn Ugly Photography

The guys over at Mola were paying attention a few months ago when I was interviewed by The Strobist and I mentioned that very often my light modifier of choice is one of their reflectors. They were so impressed, they featured me on their blog along with a few of the many shots I’ve done using the various Mola dish reflectors…

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Steven Spielberg with the BIG (43.5″) Mola Mantti

Edie Falco using the 28″ Mola Setti

Follow the link to the rest of the story on the Mola Softlights Blog HERE