Song of the Day

Stay Away


We had a Beck cover yesterday…how about a Nirvana cover today?!!

Brooklyn’s own Charles Bradley…the Screaming Eagle of Soul…cranks up the James Brown and makes Nirvana’s ‘Stay Away’ sound like a Motown standard! Backing him up are The Menahan Street Band, an ensemble featuring musicians from Antibalas, El Michels Affair, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings and the Budos Band, who took their name from Menahan Street in Bushwick. The 63 year-old Bradley only began his singing career in his 50’s when he began performing in local Brooklyn clubs performing his James Brown routines under the alter ego “Black Velvet”. Gabriel Roth of Daptone Records, recognizing raw talent when he saw it, convinced Bradley to drop the “Black Velvet” act and signed him to Daptone where he has performed ever since.

SPIN is offering ‘NEWERMIND’…a Tribute to Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’…free for a couple of days, and since free don’t cost much, I hit the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. Honestly, I was surprised at how most of it is unlistenable shit, especially an absurd version of ‘Come As You Are’ by some ridiculous Aussie outfit going by the name Midnight Juggernauts, who turned a Rock & Roll classic into a 4 minute Discofied atrocity on helium! But again…it is free and your taste might be different from mine (doubt it!), so head on over to SPIN, enter your e-mail address and you can make up your own mind, but for my money, I’d also make a bee-line to Daptone Records and pick up a couple of Charles Bradley records!

Song of the Day

My Rock & Roll

DOWNLOAD: My Rock & Roll

Oh My God! Did we just take a trip in the WayBack Machine and land in 1991?!! Is this one of the fabled long-lost cuts off of Nevermind?!! Hailing from Leeds, Dinosaur Pile-Up have just planted a juicy wet kiss on the memory of Nirvana with the release of their new EP, My Rock & Roll, even if they insist they’re not trying to revive grunge as we once knew it! But lets take a peek at the similarities, OK? Both bands are trios…both lead singers have a distinct quietly mumbled vocal style and both follow a formula of smart lyrics sung with quiet vocals backed up with driving, chorused guitar work, culminating in a gloriously loud hardcore-inspired finish! I just hope frontman Matt Bigland has his head on straight and doesn’t push the comparisons too far. But let’s face it…as formulas go, they could do a lot worse…and the repeated chorus chant of “My Rock & Roll” is destined to become the festival anthem of Summer 2009…just a few listens this morning and I’m sold, but then I’m a nostalgic suck! Why don’t y’all head over to MySpace and check ’em out further? I’m sure they’d appreciate the traffic.