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If You Wanna

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There is precious little information out the on the interwebs about The Vaccines ‘cept that this new London outfit is being set up by none other than NME to be ‘the future of everything’…! Hell, that’s a lotta pressure for a new band that doesn’t even have a MySpace page, but what they do have is a tight, uniquely refreshing Lo-Fi 60’s Pop sound that sticks in your head. I’d tell you more, but honestly, that’s about all I got…so check them out on facebook or on their interesting, if rather obtuse Website


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It’s been almost a year since I told you guys about The XX, but since that time, the number one outside search that has newbies showing up at the Damn Ugly door is for The XX…I usually get anywhere from 50 to 100 hits a day from people searching for these four sad-faced kids from South London! Their popularity certainly wasn’t hurt by both Rolling Stone and NME placing them on their “Best of the Year” lists, but then came the Winter Olympics…an AT&T commercial with Apolo Ohno featured their song ‘Intro’ and was in heavy rotation for the entire two weeks of the games. They’ve been touring nonstop (and picking up fans) in support of their debut album…so much that keyboard player Baria Qureshi has quite the group siting exhaustion…and then today I found out that they’re gonna be playing SXSW next week. Head over to MySpace and give a listen.

Here is the video for ‘VCR’…..

…and here’s that Apolo Ohno AT&T commercial…..

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I Can’t Control Myself

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Todays news from across the pond is that NME has just named ‘Primary Colours’, the second album from the exceptionally stylish goths, The Horrors, as the Album of the Year. Previously featured on The List back in March when I turned you all onto ‘Sea Within a Sea’, the group has gone on to universal acclaim, shedding their reputation as being just another Bauhaus/Cramps/Siouxsie rip-off Halloween novelty act with too much eye liner, extremely tight pants and a lotta jet-black hair dye and instead morphing into a more melodic Joy Division for the new millennium. Sure, they’re somber…and brooding…and seem a bit disillusioned by the World around them…but the wall of complicated sounds, grungy guitars riffs, goth poetry and sense of urgency these five mopey bastards kick out is truly wonderful, even with the downer lyrics…but as long as it doesn’t make you wanna open a vein, I say why not?!! Head over to MySpace to get more of The Horrors.

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Let’s Go Surfing

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The Brooklyn (by way of Florida) duo (sometimes quartet) of Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham claim to only write about two feelings… is the first day of summer when you and all of your friends are standing on the edge of a cliff watching the sun set and being overcome with all of your hopes and dreams at once. The other is when you’re walking alone in the rain and realize you will be alone forever. Well…I’m uplifted and depressed all at once…I guess ‘Let’s Go Surfing’, off of their ‘Summertime’ EP, draws more from the former feeling than the later. The boys are workin’ a wonderful new-wavey/post-punk vibe with the low-fi guitars, trash can drums and doo-wop backing vocals and the music press seems to be noticing, with even NME calling them “New York’s official Coolest New Band”. Check out The Drums on their website or over on MySpace