Song of the Day

Move You


DOWNLOAD:Lindsay Goes To Rehab

A perfectly crafted pop song doesn’t need any help convincing you it’s good…it just is…and I got that feeling late last night when I couldn’t sleep, turned on Kimmel and saw Anya Marina perform this song…I just felt it…tight production, catchy pop beats and a sexy vocal purred by a girl who, not for nuthin’, is also pretty damned cute. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter first popped up on my radar a couple of years back when she web-released a cobbled-together acoustic number titled ‘Lindsay Goes To Rehab’ (a cry for Ms. Lohan to maybe look into getting some help for her ‘addictive’ personality)…and then again when her song, ‘Miss Halfway’, scored a spot on one of the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ compilation CD’s, a sure sign you’re going places in the Indie Music World…and I was struck by her delicate, jazzy vocals so when I heard her again last night I knew I had to search out ‘Move You’. It’s off of her second album, Slow & Steady Seduction, Phase II…and you can stream more from the album on her MySpace Page