Low Roar Of The Day


Weird little Icelandic gnome…and friend of Damn Ugly Photography…Ryan Karazija is finishing up the second Low Roar album and he’s got a Pledge Music page up and running to him with the costs. If any of you remember how amazing the first album was, then you’ll probably wanna get in line for his new music. I don’t need to go on and on about how talented Ryan is…I’ve said it all before…but he always manages to take my breath away with his musical ability, his lyrical phrasing, and how he can turn your head inside out in five minutes through one of his songs.

The new album is called “0” and will be released this summer, but please…head over to his Pledge Music page and lock in your purchase today! Only 12 bucks gets you the download, but for $25, Ryan will personally scribble his name on an actual Old Skool CD…and lick the stamps himself to get the thing off to you…all the way from Reykjavík!!!

Ryan’s apparently too bloody busy to send me anything downloadable from the new record, but here are a couple of videos of new music, including ‘Home From Home’, a killer song he did with Neil Davidge…the mega-producer behind Massive Attack’s album Mezzanine…on Neil’s new record, ‘Slo Light’, as well as a performance recorded on a street somewhere in Poland…

Song of the Day

Sit Back


I wanna close out the week with a bit of silky smooth Rhythm & Blues. I don’t wanna sound too old-fartish, but with Rap ruling 90% of the radio airwaves, it gets harder and harder to find real music these days. But with Adele’s latest album selling over 10 million copies and singers like Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings showing up on Craig Ferguson, there are glimmers of hope out there. Orly is a singer whose delivery is so strong & confident…and not to mention so damned sensual…that she could sing a Chinese takeout menu and make you melt. ‘Sit Back’ is from her recent EP, but she’s putting the finishing touches on her first album…and that’s where you can help. I’m reaching out to everyone on The List to ask that you visit her Pledge Music Page and kick in a few bucks to help her produce the record. And I know it’s not cancer or starving children or people left homeless by any one of the many recent natural disasters, but it certainly qualifies as well-intentioned support of the artistic community and if you kick in as little as $10 you even get a free album download! So jump over to Pledge Music and help her out and then go ‘Like’ her facebook page.