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Down in the Woods

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Richard Hawley is probably destined to be one of those over-talented Brits who never cracks the American market, and that’s really a shame, ‘cuz he’s awfully damned good. Back in the 90’s he was in the Britpop band Longpigs before hooking up with Jarvis Cocker’s Pulp, but on his own, Hawley has released seven truly inspiring solo albums. And while he’s probably known as being more of a rockabilly-styled singer, his latest album, Standing At The Sky’s Edge…with walls of fuzzy feedback, processed vocals and dark lyrics…is downright psychedelic. And for a guy who’s said he’d “never, ever been interested in fashion or being fashionable”, he’s put out a very hip record. Head on over to his website to check him out, and here he is doing ‘Down in the Woods’ live on Jools Holland’s show…

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Sleep Forever

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It’s been more than a year since Crocodiles graced the pages of The List with Neon Jesus, and their debut album, Summer of Hate, tore up the blogosphere and they toured across the US and Europe opening for bands like Holy Fuck and The Horrors…but now they’re back with more buzzy, swirling, My Bloody Valentine-like psych-rock on this Summertime 7″ release. ‘Sleep Forever’ is meant to whet your appetite for their new full-length release due out September 14th on Fat Possum Records. I’m diggin’ singer Brandon Welchez’s laid-back vocals, but what really stands out is the tight production on this song is a noticeable change from last year’s intentionally punkier, lo-fi album.

You can hang with Crocodiles over on MySpace

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We All Belong To The Red Sun

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Don’t Waste Time

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It’s been almost two years since The Morning Stars have been featured on The List when I sent out ‘Don’t Waste Time’ off of their amazing debut album You Can’t Change The World, but the other day Michael Ivic sent me a leak off of their new release, Radiation. As with the earlier album, there are elements here that bring to mind bands like Oasis, Love and Rockets and even The Beatles…especially the way the vocals & airy psychedelic guitars are layered together in the voluptuous mix. This song has a lot more of an easy-going, shoegazey vibe than anything off of the earlier album, but there’s also a level of sophistication and worldliness that is drawing me in. No news on when the album drops, but you can head on over to their MySpace page for updates.


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Since the early 90’s singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist/psychedelic-rock guru Robert White (Ex-of Ring, Levitation and Zag And The Coloured Beads) has quietly shuffled along with a little side project he called The Milk & Honey Band…a mixture of pastoral English psychedelic rock, easy-flowing acoustic pop and space rock. A few years ago, XTC’s Andy Partridge convinced White to make the project his full-time job and signed them to his Ape Records label. Despite what some say are obvious similarities between XTC and the Milk & Honey boys, I don’t think Partridge had designs on turning them into XTC-version 2.0…he probably just fell in love with their sound! In fact, he said they were “…a bit like The Moody Blues but with more energy and better songs…!” And while we’re comparing their sound, I think it’s easy to say there’s a bit of Crowded House, Elliot Smith, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, and Nick Drake in their DNA as well. They just dropped Dog-Eared Moonlight, their second album on the Ape label…..check ’em out on MySpace