Damn Ugly Around The Blogoshere…

As I said in the SOTD below, it was a busy month for Damn Ugly. We’ve been getting a lotta notices all over the interwebs, so I thought I would share some of those mentions with the rest of you…

Profoto saw that PopPhoto piece on me and finally realized that since 98% of my Artificial Portraits feature one or more of their products, that just maybe they should jump on the bandwagon…..

ProFoto Blog: Brad Trent’s Unconventional Executive Portraits

Nothing To Nobody, the Australian online digital magazine for people with style, taste and intelligence, did an interview with me for their latest issue. I wish I could show you how groovy it is, but unlike most of the internet, they want you to pay to play…but don’t be a cheap bastard……it’s only 2 bucks!!!

Nothing to Nobody – Issue Three

Alan Dunlop, a photographer in Glasgow, put Damn Ugly in his list of the top five photo blog recommendations for January…..

Alan’s Diary – Top Five Photo Blog Recommendations For January 2011

Photography consultant, writer, event producer and educator Louisa Curtis featured me on her monthly Chatterblog, a roundup of cool photo-related stuff she stumbled upon…..

Louisa Curtis – February ChatterBulletin

The Curious Brain is a mashup of design curiosities, photography, illustration, social media, advertising, video, animation and found images that included some of my portraits…..

The Curious Brain – Brad Trent

And finally, Finnish photographer Klaus Elfving got so inspired after reading a little off-the-cuff tutorial I did on the Strobist Group on Flickr that he decided to mimic the lighting himself…..

Klaus Elfving Photography – Studio Friday I