Low Roar Of The Day


Weird little Icelandic gnome…and friend of Damn Ugly Photography…Ryan Karazija is finishing up the second Low Roar album and he’s got a Pledge Music page up and running to him with the costs. If any of you remember how amazing the first album was, then you’ll probably wanna get in line for his new music. I don’t need to go on and on about how talented Ryan is…I’ve said it all before…but he always manages to take my breath away with his musical ability, his lyrical phrasing, and how he can turn your head inside out in five minutes through one of his songs.

The new album is called “0” and will be released this summer, but please…head over to his Pledge Music page and lock in your purchase today! Only 12 bucks gets you the download, but for $25, Ryan will personally scribble his name on an actual Old Skool CD…and lick the stamps himself to get the thing off to you…all the way from Reykjavík!!!

Ryan’s apparently too bloody busy to send me anything downloadable from the new record, but here are a couple of videos of new music, including ‘Home From Home’, a killer song he did with Neil Davidge…the mega-producer behind Massive Attack’s album Mezzanine…on Neil’s new record, ‘Slo Light’, as well as a performance recorded on a street somewhere in Poland…


Video of the Day

Give Up

I’ve been playing songs from the Low Roar album nonstop ever since Ryan Karazija began leaking them to me months ago, and today he debuts a hauntingly beautiful video for ‘Give Up’, directed by his friend Ali Silverstein and shot by Brian Fawcett.

Short Film of the Day

Bullet Train

DOWNLOAD: Bullet Train

The temporarily Nashville-based Kate Tucker and her favorite video director, Miriam Bennett, have just released a short film based on one-time Song of the Day, ‘Bullet Train’, off the White Horses album. The film features Kate and Cleveland actor Darryl Dickenson and was shot over the course of a year in Akron, Ohio. If you look closely, you’ll also see members of the Akron pop group, Dolson, chewing up the scenery. You can follow Kate…and maybe find out where she’ll be living next…over on her website. And if ya happen to be in Nashville next week (August 8th), Kate will be playing with Johanna and the Dusty Floor and Bird Call as they make their way across America on tour…I predict a very cool show!

Bear Attack of the Day

Ronnie Weil figured that since I’m the only person she knows who has regular contact with bears, this instructional video just might come in handy. And I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed that the claymation Davey & Goliath-like action figure looks remarkably like yours truly…Enjoy!

Weird Shit of the Day…..

God knows The Song of the Day is a big fan of Fever Ray, but even we had to scratch our heads when, at the P3 Guld Awards this weekend in Gothenburg Sweden (best described as the Swedish version of the Grammy’s, The MTV Awards, an Ecstasy-fueled Rave and Art Basel all rolled into one) Karin Dreijer Andersson picked up a shattered piece of glass for Best Dance Performance dolled up like Lady GaGa dipped in sulphuric acid! Very weird…very cool…very entertaining!

Song of the Day

I Became A Prostitute

DOWNLOAD: I Became A Prostitute


It’s been a couple of years since Glasgow’s The Twilight Sad have shown up on The List, but with leaks popping up everywhere from their new album, Forget The Night Ahead, I dare say a lot of folks are really looking forward to October when it drops. The first single, ‘I Became A Prostitute’, isn’t even supposed to be released until August 3rd, but like I said, leaks happen! And while the quality of this one ain’t gonna win any awards, the droney wall-of-noise guitar runs, James Graham’s Morrissey-on-downers vocals and the total feeling of hopelessness and melancholy we’ve all come to expect from The Twilight Sad hits you like a shovel to the head and just makes me wanna pick up the CD even more. You can head over to MySpace for a bit more Sadness and as a bonus, here’s the extremely dark (and sexy) video that accompanies the song…..

Song of the Day


Quiet Dog


We don’t get much hip-hop here on The List, but I saw Mos Def rockin’ a killer version of ‘Quiet Dog’ on Letterman the other night and just had to pass it along. It was really somthin’ to see him on stage hammering away on two timpani drums, backed up with just a DJ and another drummer…I’m sure you can YouTube it if you’re interested. Anyway, this is off of his new album, The Ecstatic, that dropped this week and if the rest of the album is this cool I just might find myself buying a Mos Def record.

Video Of The Day

When I Grow Up

I’m gonna add some movement to the blog today with a wonderfully weird video (directed by Martin de Thurrah who has previously shot vids for Röyksopp and Futureheads) from the amazing debut album from Fever Ray