About Damn Ugly

Damn Ugly Photography…a purveyor of visual flotsam and jetsam based in New York City. But what exactly is Damn Ugly Photography?!! The name started innocently enough as a joke. It used to be when you filled in your registration form for New York’s Photo Expo, right after your name, they asked for the name of your business…now every photographer I know just uses his own name as the name of his business, but since they were asking, I figured I’d play along…

The first year we were “Say Cheese Photography”…then “In Your Face Foto”…then “Normal Photography”. But finally, “Damn Ugly Photography” was the name I came up with for the ID Badge that greeted the sales reps…and it just stuck. So for the past 15+ years, all of my junk mail comes to “Damn Ugly Photography”.

And the Song of the Day List? Well…back in the pre-blogosphere I used to email out new music I had found to a small list of friends, and over time that small group has grown into thousands of people who for some reason are interested in hearing what’s at the top of my iTunes folder. So when I fired up ‘Damn Ugly Photography’, I figured tossing out whatever I stumble across that I feel is worth listening to might be a nice way to break up all those photo posts, so download away…everything I put up is free & legal.

So Damn Ugly Photography is now the place where I can show off the latest photos I’m working on, pass on the latest songs I’m listening to and just spout off about whatever happens to be on my mind at that particular moment in time. And when I’m not wasting time here as Mr. Damn Ugly, I am also known as Brad Trent and you can view my full portfolio at www.bradtrent.com

And by the way…not to get all legal whilst we’re havin’ so much fun…but all of my photography is copyright protected and registered with the US copyright office in Washington DC…and that means if you want to use it, you MUST get my permission first. NO reuse is permitted without such permission. Usually such permission requires a license fee to be paid, but I do allow use without having to pay a license fee under certain circumstances. But you gotta ask first. Don’t go thinking my photographs can get ripped off and you can cry that you didn’t know afterwards.

I. Has. Spoke.


16 thoughts on “About Damn Ugly

  1. You just did this blog thing so people won’t email you about SOTD anymore – they have to leave a public comment

  2. Found you through APE, after that post about tweet gone bad. I first thought you were a snobby old fart, but looking at your work I quickly changed my mind. Nice work.

    Oh, and Rancid as SOTD, you got another subscriber. )))
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Where do you get the songs you post? Are you sharing your own personal music, or are your sharing links posted by bands or labels themselves?

    Probably 90% of the music I post comes directly from free download on the various record label websites I visit or from the artist’s own websites. Then I get the rest from music sent directly to me from bands who want me to get their stuff out there. BT

  4. Hey there Brad,

    It was truly a pleasure seeing you work today at the SEC. What a small world, huh? I’ve always been a fan of your work, and to bump into you at the SEC out of all places,…the Commission has its’ perks! Thanks for the voice of confidence and advice. I hope to bump into you again. Don’t be a stranger. I hope to read some blog posts of yours on Strobist.com. Say hi to your assistants for me too and please pass along my contact info to them. I’d love to keep in touch.

    Take it easy,


  5. Another good reason for having such a damn catchy name is what I like to call re-findability. Serendipity brought you to my attention (actually, it was a search on iphone/ipad compatible portfolios which brought up your blog post)and I was amazed by your pictures (and site). Today, I forgot your name. Dan Brent? Broad Tent? Trent Grad? but then I remembered Damn Ugly Photography, and bob’s your uncle.


  6. Hello Robert

    I’m from Argentina. I saw your photographs and I want to ask you if I can use one of them for a local ads.
    I wait for you answer! Thanks!

    Your sincerly
    Andrea Lutzeler

  7. I just love ur blog!
    ur pictures, words, work! its an elixir of “life is good”!

    keep up with the awesome work guys!

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