At Home With Judy Collins


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I had so much fun shooting Judy Collins for the Wall Street Journal earlier this year that they decided to send me uptown to shoot her at home for the ‘House Call’ column in the ‘Mansion’ section. Here’s how the day went…

Judy lives in a fabulous Pre-War apartment that immediately gave us a few locations to choose from…




I wanted to keep the look and feel of the apartment without relying on too much lighting, so we figured using my DIY Ghetto-Flo Lights was the way to go. This way we could just drop in a bit of accent lighting where we needed it, but use the great available light that poured into the apartment. Here are the results…




…and the final image used in Mansion



Thank you, Judy…until our next shoot…



20 thoughts on “At Home With Judy Collins

  1. Great work Brad (and as always, inspiring).
    What type of lamps are you using in your Getto-Flo (Sears) lights? LEDs, fluorescent?

    I carry both 3400k and 5000k fluorescent tubes with me, but we use the 5000k 95% of the time. BT

  2. Sono interni molto belli, anche se tutto dipende dai gusti personali : io, ad esempio, ho preferenze diverse.
    Sono comunque case che non tutti possono avere e non tanto per il costo nel costruirle e riempirle, ma praticamente per la enorme manutenzione di cui hanno bisogno.
    Quindi, le ammirera’ la persona a cui piacciono, ma non sono. utili a chi voglia
    prenderne spunti per la propria abitazione.

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