5 thoughts on “The Most Elegant Anti-Creative Cloud Response Yet!!!

  1. Photographers ask clients for fees based on usage and time. Adobe now asks for fees based on time and usage. But Adobe has the market force that photographers never had, so photographers are whining. Is this not hypocritical?

    Hi Anonymous…based on what you wrote, I can say with certainty that you know nothing about the issue here. But maybe I’m wrong. Why not let us know who you are and whatever credentials you might have to say anything of value?!! BT

  2. BT,

    Cancelled my Creative Cloud subscrption today while still in the first month of my second year, so no early-exit penalty. What a fiasco too! Kinda like trying to cancel a compuserve account back in the day.

    Will continue to use Design Premium CS5. Considering an upgrade to CS6 Master Collection simply to have Premier Pro for emerging video needs. But, before taking the upgrade plunge, I’ll go back and have another look at FCP. [It was a lame-oh FCP X that caused me to sign up for the intro CC subscription offer in the first place. Turns out Premier Pro is pretty cool. Just sayin’. Apple, don’t let me down now! Ed.]

    I figure if I can’t get ‘er done with FCP, Lightroom, some LR plugins, and CS5, it it something that I wouldn’t need/want/know how/have time to do anyway.

  3. why dont you use Gimp? its free and could quickly become better than photoshop, just start using it!6

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