Song of the Day


DOWNLOAD: Disappear

Since the early 90’s singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist/psychedelic-rock guru Robert White (Ex-of Ring, Levitation and Zag And The Coloured Beads) has quietly shuffled along with a little side project he called The Milk & Honey Band…a mixture of pastoral English psychedelic rock, easy-flowing acoustic pop and space rock. A few years ago, XTC’s Andy Partridge convinced White to make the project his full-time job and signed them to his Ape Records label. Despite what some say are obvious similarities between XTC and the Milk & Honey boys, I don’t think Partridge had designs on turning them into XTC-version 2.0…he probably just fell in love with their sound! In fact, he said they were “…a bit like The Moody Blues but with more energy and better songs…!” And while we’re comparing their sound, I think it’s easy to say there’s a bit of Crowded House, Elliot Smith, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, and Nick Drake in their DNA as well. They just dropped Dog-Eared Moonlight, their second album on the Ape label…..check ’em out on MySpace


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